Pre-purchase Building

Why you should engage TDA Building Inspections to perform your
Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

We believe in carrying out a comprehensive building inspection to all properties inspected, so that all buyers have a complete scope of the properties condition at the time of inspection. Our inspections exceed what is required of AS4349.1. All reports received with in 24 hours from time of inspection, if not on the same day in most cases.

Things to consider, when choosing a building inspector.

  • the building inspection industry in WA is unregulated, so anybody can provide this service.
  • always ensure that your inspector is a registered builder and fully insured.
  • is the quote provided for a standard structural inspection or comprehensive inspection.
  • ask for sample reports and proof of registration and insurance details.
  • reports turnaround time.
Balcony Inspection by TDA Building Inspections

So what’s included in our Comprehensive Structural Building Inspection:

  • All internal walls, ceilings, cornices and floors for cracking.
  • Operation of doors and windows
  • General operation of tap fittings and toilets throughout the main building for any signs of leaks.
  • All adjoining wet areas tested with a moisture meter to identify leaking shower recesses.
  • Condition of tiling and Sealant to wet areas.
  • Water damage or moisture issues including water staining to ceiling linings internal cabinetry.
  • Internal stairs and balustrading
  • The installation of smoke alarms and RCDs where required.

Roof frame

  • Sagging, cracking, separation or deflection to the roof frame
  • Chemical delignification to the roof frame.
  • Adequate supports to the roof framing system
  • Insulation and sarking
  • Fretting of roof tiles
  • Damaged roof tiles
  • Leaks in roof covering
  • Ducting connected to flues
  • Damage to air-condition ducting.
  • Exposed electrical wiring or not adequately protected.


safety hazard detected by TDA Building Inspections
Internal Roof Issues detected by TDA Building Inspections
tile fretting


  • Condition of exterior walls
  • Condition of lintels
  • Retaining walls
  • Outbuilding, balconies, alfresco, patios, porches, sheds and minor structures
  • Garages and carports
  • Columns, piers posts
  • Site drainage
  • Subfloor if applicable
Building exterior-tda

Roof exterior

  • Condition of exterior roof covering
  • Eaves lining
  • Gully and valley flashings
  • Pointing to ridges of tiled roofs
  • Cracked of damaged tiles
  • Corrosion to gutters and facias
  • Condition of down pipes
  • Check the roof plumbing for blocking
roof exterior 1

 If any Major Structural defects are encountered during the inspection, the client will be able to have the vendor fix these structural defects ( as per conditions of sale – annexure) or have quotes provided to use as further negotiations towards the final and agreed sale price of the property. In the event that the vendor/seller refuses to rectify these structural defects, the purchaser may choose to terminate the purchase of the property if conditions of their annexure or agreement has not been met. 

All inspections, will also include general maintenance items and recommendations for the client’s consideration.

Defects identified in a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection are
classified in accordance to AS4349.1 as the following:

  • Safety Hazard, means any item that may constitute an immediate or imminent risk to life, health or property.
  • Major Defects, which are defects of sufficient magnitude where rectification has to be carried out in order to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration to the property.
  • Minor Defects which are any other defect, usually described as expected or routine property maintenance.

Please note that electrical, plumbing and gas items are not tested, as only licensed and qualified electricians and plumbers should be testing these appliances as per WA regulations and guidelines.

Brick separation issue
moisture meter -tda

TDA Building Inspections search any issues that the property might have.

By having a thorough inspection we can advise you of any potentially expensive problems that you might not be able to see. TDA Building Inspections supplies you with a comprehensive property condition report so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

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