Methamphetamine Inspections

Why do I need a methamphetamine inspection?

Western Australia has the highest use of meth out of all the states and territories around Australia. Not a title to be proud of and is resulting in more homes being contaminated by smoke houses and cooks.

Smoking meth or manufacturing ice, inside a property can lead to hazardous contamination within a property and leaving the property uninhabitable, if not remediated or cleaned.

The toxic residues that are left behind in houses, apartment’s, hotel rooms and buildings,  are not visible to the naked eye and for the most part has no chemical odour or smell, except where meth has been manufactured or cooked. Staining may be evident to areas of the building where the cooking process has been carried out. 

It is important to be proactive about ensuring the safety of your family when buying or renting a home. There are maximum acceptable meth contamination levels (0.5 micrograms per 100cm2) set by the Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia (EPA). Any levels above this level are recommended to be cleaned and considered to be unsafe levels.

Exposure to these contaminates, can lead to various health risks, such as respiratory problems, headaches, sleeping disorders, nausea and even behavioural changes in small children. Long-term exposure can lead to miscarriage, birth defects and even cancer. 

The cost of remediating a property can also be quite expensive, depending on levels of contamination found inside a property. Remediation for low levels, includes washing down affected rooms with appropriate cleaning chemicals.

High level contaminations, can involve removing all porous material throughout the home, including carpets, cabinetry, doors, timber frames,  ceiling linings, air conditioners and ducting as well as cleaning down walls or encapsulating internal walls and ceilings. The cost of remediation varies from approx. $5,000 ( for low levels ) and excess of $50,000 in highly contaminated properties.

 Who should get their property tested.

  • People purchasing existing homes
  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents.
  • Business owners

It is great practice to screen the property for meth use between tenants, in rented properties as landlord insurance, generally will not cover the cost to remediate drug contamination. This way you can pin point who was responsible for contaminating the property.

Types of Testing

Rapid Instant test

This Test kit is designed for surface testing properties prior to purchase or during tenancy for Methamphetamine contamination. The results are instant and the test kits are calibrated to 0.5ug/100cm2.

Lab composite testing

Is a more cost-effective option for multiple sample testing (of a property). Individual samples are taken from locations and combined into a composite test, for laboratory analysis, and individuals are kept if further investigation is required. The reading will be calculated on the average level of contamination if any.

Discrete Individual testing.

The purpose of individual/discrete testing is to determine the severity and location of contamination. It is the most detailed form of testing available, and also the most expensive. These results are then used for the remediation of the property.

  • All swab samples will be tested by a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory.
  • Lab analysis of samples may take up to 2-5working days.
  • After the lab results are available, a full report including the confirmed findings from the lab results will be provided.

All testing carried out in accordance to NIOSH 9111 – a globally recognised sampling and analytical method used to measure methamphetamines, is adopted for all our testing methods.